Indi, situated on the borders of Karnataka and Maharastra states, is a historical place, well known as a center of learning since eighth century AD. This place has produced educationists, poets , and holy personages like Dr. R.V.Jahagiradar. Sri Madhurachenna. Sri Simpi Linganna, His Holiness Sri.Sanganbasava Swamiji and a host of others. Our association named after the presiding Deity of Indi, Sri Shanteshwar , came into existence , during the early 50's , under the style, and name “Sri Shanteshwar English School committee ”. It established a high school in 1952, a junior College in 1971 and his First Grade Degree College in 1979. In the year 1979, this association got itself redesignated as “Sri Shanteshwar Vidya Vardhak Sangh”. This college saw the light of the day due to the untiring efforts of EX. M.L.A. and Former President of the association , Sri.R.R,Kallur. Many philanthropists, namely Sri.S.K.Biradar , Sri.Satanagouda Patil and his brothers and Sri. Gulabchand Ravaji Gandhi have helped the college stand till today. To commemorate the services, especially of these last two donors , the college has been named after them as “SRI GULABCHAND.RAVAJI.GANDHI ARTS AND SRI YASHWANTRAY ANNARAY PATIL COMMERCE COLLEGE”. The present president Shri. Basavaraj. A. Devar and his team is looking after the needs of the association . This college, established with the sole objective of catering to the educational needs of the learners of this ever drought –prone region, offers Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Commerce programmes and is permanently affiliated to the Rani Channamma University, Belagum. The college has 17 Teaching Members of staff and 10 Non-Teaching Members on it's Pay-roll. The present strength of the college stand at 642.

            The college has a well-equipped independent library with about 20,000 books and it has subscribed to 26 journals and a good number of periodicals. There is a Co-operative Society talking care of the employees, since beginning of the college. An Alumni Association is functioning since 2004. This college , during its initial years had utilized to its best , the services of Prof. N.G.Karur, as Principal, (Presently Administrator ,B.V.V.Sangh Bagalakot) who gave direction and thrust to the future growth of the college. Following his lead, Prof.S.S.Nad, and Prof.B.B.Nadagoud , as the then principals had also contributed to the academic standing of the college. Prof.S.R.Loni, our Ex-Principal , had put in his best of efforts in the over-all development of the college. Presently Prof.G.N.Deshapande as the head of the institution is looking after the development of the college . The college has been doing whatever is possible , to help the rural learners of this area realize their innate potential. But the institution has miles to go to face the challenges ahead and all of us here strive to overcome incidental limitations through hard work and dedication in pursuit of excellence. We at our level , strive to reach out in the academic pursuits and in all other aspects to achieve excellence as we cherish our national dreams and vision and in this struggle for excellence we are second to none. This effort had helped us to achieve ‘B’ Grade at in the first cycle & again ‘B’ grade in second cycle NAAC peer Team. That visited our college in August 2004. Now it is preparing for third cycle.