The college has an excellent library with 19000 volumes to its credit. It is kept open from 8AM to 2PM and 5PM to 8PM. On all working days. It is kept open for more thans these specified hours. During examination season. The students are allowed entry in to library only on submission identify card. A maximum 2 books is issued to students on browsers tickey and from the book bank facilities. The reading room receive English and kannada dailies. In addision a good rnners of weeklies fortnighty arp also available, hence the students are instructed to make full use of library and Reading room facilities. And they are expected to main fair silence once inside the library.

        Library & information centre is located in the campus with independent building adjacent to the main building with floor area of over 3,000sp Ft seating capacity of 130 students at a time. It has a document collection of over 19,000 volumes of text books, reference books, and journals on various subjects. The library subscribes more than journals catering to the needs of students, staff and research schools. The Library services are parts. Books are issued/returned on bar coded 1.0. Students can access the library holding through OPAC. Thr library provides internet facilities to students & staff.

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